Barbara Jenice - Founder, President - Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer, Visual Artist, Intuitive Therapist, Reiki Master

I am a Healer, Teacher, Preacher - and I do all of this through song, through art. Creativity, Art, saved my life and my mission is to share that healing power with others through my music, wellness consultations, Reiki, Spiritual Counseling, Music Therapy and Intuitive Therapy. 

Barbara Jenice Lester, RMT

I am an ordained minister, Reiki Master Teacher, apprenticed Naturopath, 14 year Educator and life long musician. 
have practiced these healing modalities for over 5 years, following a miracle recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury. 
Now I know it is possible to regain Speech, Mobility and Memory. 
I know it is possible to walk again after Rheumatic Fever. 
I know it is possible to heal yourself of Cancers. 
I have healed all of these in myself and my mission is to help others to do the same.

Trained for 3 years in natural healing with Dr. Steve Lubin at Good Life Honeysuckle Healthfoods in Memphis, TN, I assist my clients in finding natural remedies for their physical ailments. 
A lifelong musician and music teacher, I have witnessed the healing power of music in my own life, the lives of children I worked with and also in my clients. I provide music therapy as a standalone service or combine it with any of my other offerings to enhance each experience. 
I am also a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer. I use Reiki, a Japanese Energy Healing technique, to assist my clients in relaxation and meditation. The practice of Reiki, which means Universal LIfe Force Energy, uses the life force in the environment and within our own bodies to stimulate healing from within. Reiki is non invasive and is not a religious practice. It has zero interactions with any medication or supplementation, aids sleep, lowers blood pressure, and improves overall well being in addition to giving a significant boost to whatever healing modalities already in use. Reiki can also balance the chakras and heals on all levels of being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 
As an intuitive healer, I use my personal connection to Source Energy to help heal myself and my clients. I assist them in opening up their own intuitive abilities and clearing energetic clutter from their auric field. 


Alice Pettit, LMT, RMT - Activist, Reiki Healer, Teacher, Massage Therapist, Holistic Healing Enthusiast

Alice PetitAlice was the first Reiki Master certified by Barbara Jenice as a MemPhoenix Reiki Master. She has practiced Reiki levels I & II in conjunction with massage and many other holistic healing modalities for many years before completing her master level with Barbara in 2016. In session, her energy is a calm radiating light force. As a lifelong activist and advocate for the underdog Alice champions women's rights and many more causes from her home in Memphis, TN. She also practices animal and pet Reiki, as well as providing care services for all seasons and walks of life. Alice has taught Early Childhood Education in a variety of settings including an in-home daycare where Barbara shared Music & Movement with her wonderful pre-K students

To connect with Alice, please send an email to or call901-550-0969

Jami Selby, Reiki Healer - Reiki Master, Wellness Consultant, Intuitive Therapist

Jami brings a unique Rainbow perspective to every session. 

In addition to being a Third Degree Reiki Master Healer, she creates individualized healing stones jewelry to address the client's specific energetic needs. Ms. Selby is well versed in natural and folk remedies as well as other healing modalities - she fuses all of these into a powerful one-of-a-kind healing experience.

To contact Jami for sessions email:

Sawyer Stevens, RMT - Reiki Master Therapist & Teacher; Founder, Deep Forrest Reiki

Sawyer, Beach, Ocean & blue sky background

Sawyer & Barbara were drawn together during a unique vortex of light-workers in Nashville, TN during the summer of 2017. Realizing they both practiced Reiki, and that Sawyer was seeking his Master training, they united in bringing this to life through the first MemPhoenix Water Reiki Attunements. Sawyer currently lives & practices in Medford, Massachusetts.

Holding a profound inner light and deep connection to animals and nature, Reiki sessions with Sawyer are uniquely calming and uplifting.

Please support the newest member of the MemPhoenix Usui Reiki Lineage and his practice:

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